Selecting Research Paper Topics On Social Issues: 18 Suggestions

As you progress through your education and are on your way to earning a degree, many students will face the task of writing a research paper on social issues. If your education has hit this obstacle, here are 18 suggestions for potential topics that will get you started towards completing this task.

  1. Look at the impact of alcohol use and abuse within college and universities worldwide.
  2. Research the implications of sexual abuse within the college environment and how the victims must deal with all the negative consequences of the crime.
  3. Natural disasters occur worldwide such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods; look at how people rebuild their lives and return to normal life after surviving these disasters.
  4. Child abuse and neglect is rampant and many people are child abuse survivors, look at how these children learn to function in society and get beyond the abuse.
  5. Babies are born to mothers who were addicted to illegal drugs, look at the implications of these issues and how these children must fight to overcome the birth implications.
  6. Examine the impact of suicide on the survivors who used to know them.
  7. Review the differences disabled men and women face when trying to enter the work force.
  8. Look at discrimination within the work forces and how people must work to overcome this discrimination.
  9. Look at the impacts of using different types of illegal drugs and how these users negatively impact society.
  10. Look at the impact hate crimes and how the perpetrators are motivated by misunderstanding and prejudice.
  11. Review how race influences the communities where people live and how people interact on a day to day basis.
  12. Discuss illegal immigration and how those who are there legally are impacted by the influx of illegal workers.
  13. Domestic violence is commonplace and many men feel that they can dominate and control their spouses and the actions are accepted as normal.
  14. Human trafficking and human smuggling is a worldwide problem that threatens people worldwide but needs worldwide policing to stop the practice.
  15. Review the incarceration systems that are successful and show the strategies they use to prevent repeat crimes.
  16. Should the death penalty be used to stop violent crimes and is it effective?
  17. Can violent criminals be rehabilitated and what can be done to protect society from their behaviors?
  18. Slavery still exists in modern day, look at how some people are still trapped in this situation with no hope of escape.