The Term Paper Abstract Format: 7 Points To Consider

The first thing you shall remember about the APA format is that abstract page is obligatory for all the research papers. You need to keep this in mind when writing your paper, as it will determine your whole process of writing in many aspects.

  1. Influence on the word count.
  2. This point will be extremely important if you have a maximum word count and risk losing points or having your work disapproved. Abstract is a part of the paper and is usually included in the word count of your paper. When it won't take more than one page, you still need to keep this in mind to avoid rewriting half of your paper.

  3. Location in your term paper.
  4. An abstract is usually placed on the second page of your paper right after the title page or cover page. It preceeds the main body of the paper and shall be closely connected to it.

  5. Length.
  6. Your abstract is supposed to be not less than 150 words and no more than 300 words. Keep it short, especially if you have a short paper. The main goal of the abstract is to give a short insight on your paper, so the person does not have to read your whole paper at first, so make it as easy for them as possible.

  7. Strong connection with your paper.
  8. Abstract is a summary of your paper, so you need to make it as close to your paper as possible. It shall briefly reflect all the aspects you cover in your paper and come to the same conclusions.

  9. Mimic the basic sections of your paper.
  10. Basically, an abstract is the information of your paper, given in a really short length, so to make your life easier, you can just repeat the basic structure of your paper and have an introduction, the main body and conclusion.

  11. No direct quotes from the actual paper!
  12. Avoid repeating yourself word for word. Of course, you need to basically repeat the same information, but you need to avoid using all the same words or copying the text directly from what you have written. Reword everything!

  13. Make people interested.
  14. As abstract comes before the actual text, it will be the first thing your readers (and your professor) see when taking your paper to their hands. Use a hook, something that will have your readers engaged through the whole process of enjoying your beautiful paper!