Great Ideas On How To Start Your Research Paper

One of the most common assignments that you will be asked to write in school is a research paper. It is designed for you to take a deeper look into a topic in your field of study. It also gives your teacher a good idea whether you are understanding the topics that are being discussed in class. You will need to do some extensive research on a topic relating to your field, draw a conclusion from your research, and then write a paper describing what you have learned. The paper will include specific facts from your research to prove the various claims that you make in proving your thesis statement.

When you are starting your paper, it is important to catch your reader’s attention. You want your reader to want to read the paper and these are the best ways to make sure that you start your paper off by getting your reader into the paper.

  1. Use an interesting quote to start it off
  2. You will want to make sure that you add an interesting quote that you found. It should be something that you find shocking about your topic to be really effective. Was there something that you read that made you want to know more? If there was, that may be the perfect thing to start off your paper. It will work to draw your reader in and make them want to read more.

  3. Use an interesting statistic
  4. A statistic is a great way to start your paper because it will put the overall topic in perspective. For example, if you find something that implicates a huge problem, it makes a great statistic for you to use to start your paper. The reader will want to know more about that statistic and you will have got your readers attention.

  5. Your introduction should also give background information
  6. It is important to also have some background information on your topic to give your reader an idea of what the topic is about so if they never heard anything about it before, they can still appreciate the paper. You will want to give all of the information that your audience would need to know to understand your thesis statement.

If you start your paper off the right way, you will be able to write a successful paper that draws the reader in and makes them want to read more on the topic.