Writing Solutions: A Research Paper Plan Example

A research paper is a detailed document, which explains the topic the writer choses to write upon. It is to be presented in a very mature way as it is something done only at higher levels. The vocabulary and the presentation should be formal. Following steps are to be taken while making an impactful paper.

Topic should be interesting

Whatever topic you chose it should be interesting. There are basically two reasons behind that. First, it makes your work enjoyable and second, the reader gets indulged in whatsoever you have written.


You must be clear about the topic. You should not include everything. You should stick to what you have chosen. If you don’t stick to the topic the invigilator and readers might assume that you are not well prepared for you assignment you have done for just the sake of it.

Focus on thesis

You must focus on what you are writing. It’s very important to realize that a higher authority is examining what you are doing. Hence, it is important to write something that will leave everyone speechless.

Bring out a strong question

While writing your paper, it is important to bring out a strong question. This will make your work interesting and highly dignified. Your work will make a distinctive impression.


After choosing your statement you have to do a lot of study work. Researching as much as you can is the key. When you will study more and more you will have more options to write from.

Maximum answers to support your question

The research should be done in such a way that you find maximum number of supporting statements for your question. The more statements you have the better will be your project.

Noting all important points

Before writing it is important to note all the essential points. While researching keep on jotting down whatever you feel is useful.


This is the final step before writing. Outlining is important, as it will make your work easier. You will be able to write in a better way if you have everything planned.

First draft

After all the above steps write your paper. With the help of proper planning you will be able to write easily.

Final revision

This is the final step. Before submission check your assignment for any kind of mistakes.

Hence, this is how a research paper is to be written.