Creating A Strong Research Paper On Violence In The Media

Violence in the media is a common subject for journalism and English class. Students who have to write a paper about the topic may need to get information online or from textbooks to write their thesis. In order to get the best grade, students should find a strong topic and make sure that they have backed it up with reliable research. Fortunately, there are many media examples that students can use.

Looking for a Topic

Initially, students will need to find a strong topic. They can write about the effects that mass media has on individuals. Since Plato, the topic has remained a subject of conversation. Students can look at how media effects youth or look at various media genres. Video games, rap songs, comic books and television shows all have examples of violence. In addition, many of these forms of media have been researched by academia. This means that students can easily look at actual scientific research that demonstrates the effects of violence on the viewer.

Other than looking at the effects, students can look at individual examples. School shootings and mass shootings have unfortunately occurred frequently over the last decade. Examples like the Colorado movie theater shooting, the Boston bombing or the Marysville school shooting are all examples of violence being covered by the news.

Social Learning Theory

According to Bandura's social learning theory, the media plays a role in educating and informing children. He decided to have children play with tinker toys prior to playing with a basic doll. After playing with the more violent toys, children were more likely to toss, kick or hit the doll. From this experiment, Bandura hypothesized that children learned from violence that they saw or experienced.

Getting Research

Once students have selected a particular topic, they need to get the best research possible to support their thesis. In essence, a thesis is only as good as the research that supports it. For students to get a top score, they need to find sources that are from academic sources, the media and their class textbook. By using these sources, students can demonstrate the strength and logic of their thesis.

Writing the Essay

After researching the topic thoroughly, students are ready to begin the writing process. Writing a 10 or 15 page paper is never easy, but students can simplify the task by setting goals. If the student has ten days to write 1,000 words, they should set a goal of completing 200 words a day. After five days, they should be finished with their writing. By setting the end date earlier, students can make sure that they have time to proofread the document. It also allows the student to have extra time in case they get sick or end up with homework from other classes.