8 Steps To Creating A Strong Research Paper On Body Art

Body art is a form of design that has a long history. There are many different ideas that could be explored on this topic. You could write about tattoos as design, as religious purposes, and as a cultural art. Jewelry wear is also considered as body art. And some experts include clothing in the field’s arena. It is considered to be anything a person uses in order to decorate his or her body. Use our 8 steps when you are working on this topic.

8 Steps

  1. Pick your topic -since the subject is so wide, you will need to narrow it down with a specific topic. Think about using a topic that interests you and will have much support.
  2. Write your thesis-pick 2-5 main points about your topic. Three is the best number. Then take those three main ideas and use them in your thesis statement. If any one of them is weaker than the others, place that one in the second discussion spot. Always start and finish with strong ideas.
  3. Make an outline -now you can make an outline. The outline, either topic or sentence style, is the map you follow in order to write the paper.
  4. Research - you research as you outline. If the two go together at the same time, then you will know which facts and ideas are weak (without support) and you can remove them from the outline.
  5. Talk to the experts if possible - if you can have expert quotes and interviews, you paper will be better. So, if you can interview an artist or a jeweller, you can get some nice quotes and facts.
  6. Compose your rough draft -now you are ready to write. This is a rough draft, but try to write the best that you can for this draft.
  7. Edit -you or someone you hire should proof the paper and make the necessary corrections. If your eyes are too weary, hire a professional.
  8. Write the final draft and accompanying documents -write your final draft. Submit to your teacher the outline, rough draft, final draft, reference pages, hard copies of course, and anything else he or she asks for. You may also have to do an electronic submission. Your teacher will decide what you need to submit. Make sure to give all the requested materials to the teacher by the deadline.