Helpful Tips For Creating A Research Paper: Writing An Analytical Summary

When writing an analytical summary, you are condensing the essentials of your work into a smaller abstract. This overview must contain all the original supporting evidence but in a bare format.

The main purpose of condensing your work in this way is to catch the attention of the reader, leading them to where they need to know more about your work and continue reading. Ideally when you write the gist of your piece you will be highlighting the key points of your argument; when the abstract is filed these keywords you have identified will help others when they are searching for references for their work.

You have written your original work to express in detail an idea and show the results of your research. When you write in this expanded outline form, you must be very careful not to change meaning of what you have written. While you are attempting to condense the original work, it might be easy to become cryptic or incomprehensible as you miss out presenting vital connections. When you write your abstract, you must try and present the work how other people will see it.

How to condense your work

Writing the Analytical Summary of your work is also a good way to make sure you have made all the points you intended to make. It will present your work to you in a much clearer light.