How To Make Your Research Paper Shine: Tips For 4th Grade Students

As students get older and enter the 4th grade, they will be expected to write research papers. For this style of writing, the student will need to be able to read through books and compile research on their own. In addition, teachers will expect certain formatting and citation requirements. To get a good grade on a research paper, 4th grade students should use the following tips.

Always, Always Use Spell Check

There is no reason for any research paper to have typos or spelling errors. Before the student turns it in, they should read through the essay to look for mistakes. In addition, the student should make sure to use spell check. As they check the file, the student should also make sure that the corrected words are actually the right word. Sometimes, spell check will assume that the writer wants an entirely different word, so students need to pay close attention to the recommendations.

Hit the Books

For a research paper in 4th grade, students will be expected to carry out their own research. The types of sources that are used are extremely important. Students to make sure that they use only academic sources. Unless the teacher said that it was fine to use Wikipedia or similar sources, students should avoid them.

Create an Outline

Even if the essay is only a few paragraphs long, the student should still make an outline. An outline is one of the best ways to organize the student's thoughts and ideas. In addition, it is much easier to change the format or argument when the essay is still in the form of an outline. At the very least, students should be using an outline as a way to prepare for future schooling when this type of format will be required.

Set It Aside

The mind can be an amazing thing sometimes. Once the 4th grade student finishes writing, the mind causes them to see the sentences in the way that the student intended them to be written. Due to this, students may miss out on obvious spelling errors because they are seeing what they thought they wrote instead of what they did write. To prevent this from happening, the student should set their research paper aside for a few days or weeks. Afterward, they can begin editing it with fresh eyes.

If the student can find someone to help with editing, they should do it. Even the best writers in the world use someone else for editing because it is hard for a writer to spot their own mistakes. Students can ask a friend, their teacher, a tutor or a parent for extra help with editing and proofreading.