Developing An Effective MLA Research Paper Outline

There are multiple writing styles which one can employ. For instance, you can choose to use Harvard style, APA or MLA. In developing an effective MLA research paper, there are many aspects one must consider in order to be termed competent. Carefully focus on the following aspects.

Page dimensions

Commence by selecting a standard white paper with the required dimensions. For instance, the paper should measure 8.5 inch by 11inch. This should be adhered on as you craft the entire text.


The preferred spacing format in this writing style is double spacing. In other formats such as those mentioned above, you are required to double space for punctuations between sentences but use single spacing for period punctuations. Nevertheless, in MLA, it is recommended that one should use a single spacing for all punctuations unless otherwise stated.

Font size and font type

One should be able to be well equipped with the correct font type and the font size. In general perspective, you should employ a readable font such as the New Times Roman and 12 points font. In case you go to the extent of using italics in your writing, make sure that everything is acquit so that readers do not struggle to comprehend the words.


Ensure that all the four margins of your paper that is, top, bottom, left and right margins, should be having a 1 inch spacing. This ensures uniformity in your paper.

The introduction

In crafting a winning introduction, ensure that you employ charming words that can capture the interest of the reader. This is the basis for attracting higher marks from your lecturer. Ensure that you also capture the thesis statement clearly.

The body

In this section, the writer needs to convince the reader that he or she understands the question and is able to defend each and every argument. Therefore, equip yourself with sufficient supportive information to justify your points.


This is the ending of your paper. It should basically restate the key points mentioned in the body of your paper. Don not add any other arguments that was not inclusive. Give your recommendations to the reader on what you think can be done.

Endnotes inclusion

End notes are an important component of the MLA style. They are crafted by drawing a line separating them from the main content of the text. They should be pertinent to the subject matter and should be reliable.