Great Ideas For 8th Grade Research Paper To Impress Your Teacher

Choosing a research paper topic when you’re an eighth grader may be an interesting task. The main purpose of this work is to improve your writing skills. In this case it’s better to find a topic which is familiar to you. This will allow you to concentrate more on your writing. Here are some topics that you can use.

  1. History.
  2. If you are good with history, it’s a sign that you may come up with a historical topic for your work. For example, you can do research on the history of your hometown and talk about it in your essay.

  3. Literature.
  4. There are many poems, novellas and novels that have interesting themes. You can choose your favorite literary work and discuss its theme in your paper. For example, you can discuss Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

  5. Science.
  6. Scientific topics are interesting and educational. You can choose from different branches of knowledge, like physics, biology, or chemistry. For example, you may pick your favorite animal and do research on it. Discuss its adaptation to environmental conditions and what people can learn from it.

  7. Mathematics.
  8. Topics related to mathematics are rather difficult for most students, but if you are good at it, you can do research in this field too. Your teacher will certainly be impressed by a complex and well written paper.

  9. Famous people.
  10. There is certainly a famous person that you like. It could be an actor, athlete, scientist, showman, or someone else. You can do research on his or her biography. Tell everyone about this person’s path to success.

  11. Social studies.
  12. You can think of topics related to politics. It’s possible to do research on different political systems and compare them to that of the U.S.. You can also make a list of advantages and disadvantages of the U.S. political system. Propose your ideas for improving it.

  13. Current issues.
  14. You can investigate current issues that have impact on the whole world. It’s possible to talk about gun control, rights of animals, immigration, global warming, or something else. The main idea is to explore a topic that will be interesting for everyone to read.

  15. Favorite interests.
  16. If you don’t want to choose from any of the options above, you may just write about something you really like. For example, if you like playing tabletop war games, it’ll be easy for you to talk about your hobby. Choose your favorite game as a topic and do research on its history and features.