How To Organize Citations In An APA Format Research Paper

APA or American Psychological Association writing style is most commonly followed by top colleges and universities and you need to get familiar with the style and mechanism as soon as possible, especially if your university expressly recommends APA format and style for writing research papers. You may go online to find and read the APA citation guide as it is readily available online. However, if you are in a hurry and you need to get the basics for starting to write right away, here is how to organize citations in an APA format paper.

The very basics

Please keep in mind that no spaces are used with brackets in APA style. If you can get the right year, date or month, do not forget to cite the same in your reference section. In case you cannot find the date and month of publication, you can only use the year.

How to list references in APA format

At the very end of the paper, you can list a number of references that you have already cited in your essay. You could arrange these references in an alphabetical order with the surnames of the authors, and chronologically arrange the authors when more than one work of the same author has been used as a reference. If your list contains more than one item, you could add lowercase alphabets after the year of publication so that the examiner can notice them easily.

The complete APA style checklist

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