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Get an a+ for your research paper: 5 successful tricks

If you are tasked with a research paper, there are five tricks below which you can incorporate into your assignment for an A+:

Proper Sources

Always use proper sources. If you are unsure of what a proper source is, ask your teacher or librarian to help you find academically reputable sources from peer reviewed journals.


Is important to note that every writer has a unique style of writing. You might have a more flowery style of writing which utilizes purple prose. You might have a more direct and scientific style of writing. The matter what type of writing style you employ it is crucial that you learn how to be precise. You want to avoid being fake or overly complicated. Every subject will utilize unique vocabulary and it is imperative that you learn that vocabulary so that you can better sharpen your analysis. But remember that the small words can also be a friend. Make sure that you understand the exact meaning of every word you incorporate into your paper. Make sure that you know exactly what the words you are using actually mean. And also think carefully about whether or not you are applying these words in the correct context. Remember that the person who's reading your paper is likely to have a better understanding of the meanings of the words that you were using than you. Finally, never hide behind vocabulary that is specific to your subject. Make sure that you continue to use terms which contribute to the development of your essay. You never want the word you use to interrupt the flow of your paper.

The Bibliography

Make sure you get really good at writing your bibliography and your footnotes. This might be boring but it will cost you a grade if you don't pay attention. It is recommended that as you are taking notes and conducting research for your research paper that you write down bibliographic information for all of the quotes, statistics, or facts that you jot down from the articles or books that you review.


Editing is an important process for anyone who wants a top grade. Many great papers have been brought down by simple errors. To prevent yourself from spelling and grammar mistakes, you can get help from custom term paper writing service online. When you have finished your research paper, take a day or two to walk away from it entirely. Then return, after you have been away, and re-read the content. The mind has a unique way of reading what you intended to write, and not what you actually write. That being said, if you do not give your mind a break down and again to chew on the content subconsciously and to return with a fresh perspective, you may end up missing the “Serious” error of accidentally typing “series”. These small mistakes can cost you your grade, so giving yourself enough time, ahead of the due date, will help you to avoid simple and otherwise silly mistakes which might be detrimental to the clarity and the flow of your final writing assignment.


In order to get better at research papers, you have to dive right in and actually complete them. So take the time you need to properly plan each research paper assignment. Remember that you will only improve with practice. So if you are struggling with writing assignments, it might behoove you to ask your teacher for extra prompts on which you can practice in your spare time, or to look for interesting prompts at the end of reading chapters that you were not assigned for your homework task, but which you can complete as a form of practice.