List Of Good Research Paper Topics Related To The Holocaust

When you are writing a research paper about the Holocaust there are many potential topic ideas available and while many students believe that there are no longer any great topics out there this is far from the truth.

It is important to remember that a great research paper is one which has a clear thesis supported by a great deal of evidence. The more evidence you have the better off your paper will be.

It is also beneficial for you to have an idea in mind which you are already somewhat familiar with. If you already know a great deal about a particular invasion for the program designed to create the perfect children, these might be wonderful topics for you to explore in greater detail. Having some background information on the subject will make it significantly easier for you to present a coherent argument.

Once you review the different topic ideas you have in mind you want to conduct rudimentary research on all of them before you settle. The reason for this is to figure out whether there is enough evidence to support your side in the argument. You may find that upon further research your topic idea is not supported by any evidence or that perhaps the opposite side in the argument is supported. In instances like this you want to have multiple ideas ready so that you can change your perspective immediately.

If you're struggling to come up with the perfect topic consider the following:

  • You can review the different invasions of Jewish ghettos in order to kidnap and relocate certain people and which ones were more successful than others.
  • You can review the process of kidnapping blond haired children throughout Russia in order to create the master race and how during these kidnapping processes many people were taken and sent to concentration camps so that the results would be a servant race available to serve the needs of the master race.
  • You can review some of the experiments done and focus on the positive learning opportunities which came from otherwise horrific situations and how those experiments tot things that are used today. This particular essay would be one ideal for a very argumentative and controversial stance.
  • You can review the trials for those involved in the Holocaust and particularly those who are currently in their 90s and are being tracked down by Nazi hunters in order to stand trial in spite of their age.