How To Come Up With A Good Research Paper Topic On Gay Marriage

If you are tasked with creating a research paper one of the first tasks you must complete is selecting your topic.

  • Picking topic is incredibly important because nothing else can be completed until you have finished this stage of the process. Picking a topic on your own is a very rewarding opportunity because it enables you to find something which is particularly important to you or something about what you are incredibly passionate.
  • It is important that whatever items you select you are passionate about. Passionate you are about the topic the more engaged you will be and the easier the entire process of writing and researching will become. As you set out to refine your topic it is equally important that you pick something you can adequately cover in the amount of pages you have at your disposal. Students who only have to fill five pages double spaced will need a topic which is significantly more refined compared to those who have 10 pages double spaced to fill.
  • As you are selecting your topic you can start with a broad idea such as "gay marriage” and you can from their figure out what ideas you care about most. For example, if you really care about children you can turn this topic into something related to children's rights or the argument pertaining to gay adoption after marriage. If you really enjoy the idea of states’ rights versus federal rights you can focus on the current difficulties facing those who get married in states that recognize gay marriage and then travel to states which do not. If you truly care about healthcare you can even make that part of your topic by evaluating the rules of visitation and resuscitation for spouses and how that influences relationships where the couple was married in a state which acknowledges gay marriage but ended up sick and hospitalized in a state which does not.
  • When evaluating potential topics you should simply try to figure out which different subjects or topics interest you the most and try to find an avenue through which gay marriage and the topics at you enjoy can intersect. In doing this you are sure to find something which is very interesting to you and will be enjoyable to research and write about for the purposes of this particular assignment.