Creating A Winning Title For A Research Paper About Abortion

The title of any writing you do can make a reader want to read the article or just pass over it. There is an art to creating a title that will grab the attention of your audience and make them want to read what comes next. Since there are thousands of articles on abortion on the internet you will need to pay special attention to the title in order to get anyone to read your work. Here are some suggestions to create a winning title for a research paper about abortion:

  • Use Numbers – Just look at the titles on different magazines and articles on newsstands and see how many of them include numbers. This indicates that you are going to tell them something concrete and not just jabber. People love to learn new things and this is one way to make them think you may have something unique to say.
  • Use Adjectives – Incredible, Effortless, Free, and Strange – Since readers are naturally curious it is important to use adjectives that will make them want to read on. People also love to make their lives easier so those adjectives that suggest they will find that information out will make them want to read further.
  • Make the reader interested – Useful information with words such as Ideas, Secrets, and Tricks You may want to try to dare your reader. Readers like to read anything that they think will be new or interesting. They hate reading the same thing over and over again so if you can make them think the article has some new information it will make them want to read it more.

Use the words like Who, What, Why, When or How

Try to put these together in an interesting way to grab the attention of the reader. You have to try to convince the reader that what you are going to tell them is something new and different. Most people think they know everything about certain subjects so they will need to feel confident that your work is fresh and new. Your title can give them a hint as to what you are writing about and entice them to want to read further. I’ve found this site you should check out if you want to know more information on how to make your title something that will force your readers to want to see what you have to say.