Recommendations On Writing A Research Paper Problem Statement In Political Science

What Is A Problem Statement?

A problem statement is a small piece that addresses a cluster of issues you are going to address, in the research paper. This piece must include- the general aspects of the problem, its importance and the probable solutions. The problem statement must be unbiased in its tone. It must not look like you are promoting any propaganda or favoring a particular group.

A Good Topic leads to Great Problem Statement in Research:

Before you start pondering over the recommendations for writing a great problem statement, do bear it in mind that a good topic can help you immensely here. If you are student of Political Science, then you must know that scholars tend to mull over tried and tested topics for their research papers. If you choose an off-beaten topic, it will surely bring out the best problem statement.

Recommendations for Political Science Problem Statement

  • Briefly Describe The Context
  • In an area like Political Science, it’s always recommended that you give a brief context of your topic. If you are writing a political science research paper, it’s all the more important to let the reader know the background. For example- if you are dealing with topic like ‘autocracy’, do briefly explain why it steams out.

  • Explain The Problem
  • The problem statement in the research paper must not exceed a single paragraph. Given the short space, you need to use it intelligently by giving out a solid and clear outline of the problem. Suppose your topic is- ‘democracy in a third world country creates disequilibrium’- mention why it is so and what are the ways out.

  • List Down Your Methods
  • The problem statement must also include one or two lines about which methods you will adapt to tackle the questions and bring out the answers. In a whole, the problem statement piece must give your paper a rock-solid foundation.

  • Keep in Mind The Five Ws
  • Who, what, where, when, why – this five Ws must be answered in the problem statement piece. If your writing a paper on ethnic conflict in a first world country, then you must answer- who the problem is affecting, what are the consequences, why it’s taken place, when it should be solved and why.

  • Let the Problem Statement Be Your guide
  • You should let the problem statement the guiding force of your paper. From mentioning the problem clearly to pin-pointing the answers and how it must have achieved- this piece should keep your mind focused and won’t let the tone distract.