How To Come Up With Great Qualitative Research Paper Titles?

Writing a qualitative research paper isn’t easy by default, but coming up with a clever and engaging title for this work can be even harder. You should keep in mind all the rules and requirements set by your school and professors. However, you also need to show off your creativity as the paper must make a good impression, and its title is the first thing everyone sees.

Features of a Great Qualitative Research Paper Title

Despite the fact that your school might have some specialized requirements for paper titles, there are some general rules that must be observed:

  • Keep it clear and concise.
  • Wordiness is the #1 enemy of a good title. Every word in it must have a purpose. Use the simplest grammatical constructions that will allow you to get your main idea across.

  • Make it to the point.
  • A title must tell EXACTLY what your paper is about. It must state the main point of your project. For example, A Cartography of Qualitative Research in France, this title is focused on the most important part of the study. It doesn’t include any excessive information, such as the purpose of the project or methods used during it.

  • Ensure it’s understandable.
  • Avoid using any abbreviations, jargon, and terms that aren’t commonly known. One of the requirements of writing a good paper of this type is to make it easy to understand even to readers who don’t have specialized education. The title should follow the same rules.

  • Make it engaging.
  • It’s extremely hard to create a title that would catch the interest of prospective readers and be sufficiently concise at the same time. Careful word choice is essential here, so be sure to look into the dictionary when working on this part of your paper. You might also employ the assistance of a professional as experienced academic writers have the skills necessary to create great titles on any subject.

When Should I Write My Qualitative Research Paper Title?

In order to be sure that your title is the best it can be, you should work on it twice. First, you’ll need to develop the so-called ‘working title’ that you would present to your professor. You should use it as a guide when collecting materials for your project and writing the actual text.

However, you’ll need to review it after you complete the work. This way, you would be able to make sure that it meets all the necessary requirements and expresses the main idea of your paper in the most efficient manner.