Where To Find Research Paper Examples About Technology Addiction

In the last years, technology is everywhere around us. We are addicted to our smart phones, we socialize on online networks, we watch TV in the evening and we work on our computers. It’s so comfortable and regular that no one is bothering to ask anymore if it is also good. Sure enough, parents are always worried about how much time their child spends playing on computer, but these concerns go away once the person is considered adult. You need to be very careful when you write about this subject, because there are many issues that need to be taken into consideration. Here is some inspiration for you:

  • Go online and do some research. What are the real benefits of technology? You can not neglect the good points and discuss only the disadvantages. A clear example is the evolution of medicine, how we can transplant or even build organs using the most recent machines. Present some of these devices and how these were invented.
  • Robots. As you probably know, there are many robots prototypes on the market. They have a computer that allows them to imitate humans, to receive orders and even to have real conversations. As useful as they might be, some people are worried that we will start to live in a virtual world. Express your opinion about this matter and present the situations when such an invention could be beneficial.
  • Privacy on the Internet. We use social media networks, internet banking and e-mails. It’s so easy for us that it seems pointless to go back to old methods. Even so, this is not the safest thing for us. Our private information is very vulnerable because many websites don’t have a proper security system.
  • Teenagers and smart phones. It’s very obvious that every person is completely addicted to their phone. Sure enough, the people who are the most attached to this are teenagers. For them it’s much more easy to have a virtual, comfortable life where there are no responsibilities and consequences. Even if they don’t have bad intentions, an exagerrated usage of technology can be very damaging on long term.
  • Using laptops in class. Many schools prefer to use notebooks in their class to facilitate learning. On the other hand, this means that the students will no longer need to struggle to study, and this can cause troubles for exams or university.