How To Come Up With Good History Term Paper Ideas

One of the great things about studying history is that, when it comes to writing an essay, you have such a wide choice of topics to choose from. However, this can sometimes act as big a disadvantage as it can make it difficult to narrow down exactly what topic you intend to base your essay on.

The following gives you a couple of ideas to help you think of topics for yourself, as well as a list of other good ideas that you may wish to consider for your history term paper.

Choose a topic based on your favourite period of history

If you think back over the time that you spent studying history you may well find that there are periods of history that you have enjoyed learning about more than others. Equally, you may well find that the history of other countries has fascinated you more than your own.

If you can make a list of any of your favourite historical periods, as well as any countries that you’ve enjoyed learning about in a historical way, then this can help you to narrow down your search for a good topic to write about.

How to get further inspiration for ideas, as well as content

If you are still stuck for ideas then you may wish to look at past papers that have been written and published online. Some of these are available for free, whereas, others will need to be paid for.

Alternatively, the list of topics below may act is further inspiration to you, and can even be adapted to create a title that you would prefer.

  • A look at the most decisive battles from World War II
  • British Prime Ministers of the 18th century
  • What caused Henry VIII to split from the Catholic Church?
  • The invention of the rifles and how they changed modern warfare
  • How did air travel change tactics in warfare?
  • How accurately are historical figures and legends portrayed, and are their bad points forgotten in order to preserve their legendary status?
  • An analysis of the United States propensity to appoint former generals to high political offices
  • How accurate are life expectancy figures from the past and did people really die much at much younger ages than they do today?
  • An analysis of one of the most important agricultural developments from the 19th century
  • How did the Industrial Revolution change they balance of rural and urban populations?