Useful Hints On How To Create A High-Quality Research Paper

As a teacher, it always easy to tell who waited until the last moment to write his or her paper. Papers that have been rushed are easy to identify. Likewise, a paper that is quality has certain features. As you work towards a high-quality research paper, use this helpful guide.

Tips and Hints for Quality

  • There is a well-supported thesis statement-the thesis statement is strong, clear, and well supported by facts from credible sources.
  • The rough draft has been greatly revised to create the final paper-the paper has evolved and corrections, additions, and deletions have been made in the first draft of the essay.
  • There is a detailed outline-there is a very detailed outline that has been followed carefully throughout the course of the paper.
  • Every proclamation has at least two strong pieces of support-if there is an opinion, and then there are at least two solid and credible pieces of support. Support can be a survey, data, statistics, quotes, stories, and interviews.
  • The grammatical mistakes are at a minimum-it is very hard to have a 100% mistake free paper, but the better papers have been proofed and edited carefully and there are very few errors in the document.
  • There is a smooth structure with transitions-transitions are a very important piece to the puzzle. The best papers always have them and they are placed precisely at the best spots.
  • The point is proven-the thesis statement is proven when the paper is finished. All the points have been carefully addressed and covered thoroughly.
  • There are in-text citations and a Works Cited Page-every single source has a corresponding in-text citation and all sources are listed on either the Works Cited page or the bibliography.
  • All of the teacher’s directions and deadlines have been followed and met-the student has followed all the directions and each step deadline has been met with full coverage and diligence.
  • The paper is entertaining and informative-the paper will teach you something and it is fun to read. You can tell the writer enjoyed the assigned subject. The hook brought the reader into the paper and the whole experience was enjoyable for the writer and for the reader.

Quality papers are easy to recognize and hard to find. The best papers have addressed all the points in this guide. The next time you have a composition assigned, use these hints in order to have your piece declared a high-quality research paper.